Santalune City

Santalune City is the hometown of the first Pokémon Gym that you’ll encounter. The city is known for large fountain of a Roselia in the middle of town.


It connects to Route 3 from the southern part of town. Farther south of Santalune City is the Santalune Forest, which Trainers must pass through if they are coming from Vaniville Town.


Santalune City is also extremely well known both in-game and throught out the fandom for its benches. You can sit down on the benches and rest your legs because in all of the previous games the protagonist couldn’t sit down once they started their adventure.


Santalune City’s location is pretty much confirmed on the map (currently shown above as “Bench Town”) due to some of the screenshots of Route 3 with a walled city in the background that lines up with the video trailer showing Santalune City.


Santalune City houses the first Pokémon gym in X and Y , a bug type one , run by Gym Leader Viola. It features a large “spider” web that you can run on.

(See ; Gym Leader Viola)


Viola’s older sister Alexa also lives in Santalune City and helps out with the gym. She is a journalist who visited Unova and met Ash , Iris and Cilan. She is not a large enough character (for the moment) to get her own page.


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