Pancham and Pangoro


Pancham is a Pokémon that resembles a panda.It’s head and short, puffy tail are white. There are tufts of fur on top of their head and on their cheeks. There are black circles around their eyes, and the ears are also black. The upper body and hind feet are black, while the lower body is a dark gray. They have dark brown eyes with no visible irises. There are small, dark brown circular pads on the soles of their three-toed feet. These Pokémon carry a small, green leaf in their mouth.

Pancham was first unveiled in CoroCoro along with Helioptile , Gogoat and Fletchling.


Pangoro evolves from Pancham when it levels up with a Dark-type Pokémon in the party.

Pangoro is a very large Pokémon with rmainly black and white fur. It has a fur cape that it uses as a coat. It has a leaf in its mouth that it uses to sense it’s opponents next move.

It was first leaked by WaterPokemonMaster from an employee who worked with the English translation department for GameFreak.
It was officially unveiled in the July 2013 CoroCoro along with Spritzee , Swirlix , Inkay and Malimar.


And to make everything much cuter.
Credit @itsbirdy


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