Scatterbug , Spewpa , and Vivilion



Scatterbug’s sprite model

Scatterbug is a small, black, insectoid Pokémon with a large head that takes up most of its body. The head is bisected by a line that runs from the forehead to the mouth, where it splits off. It has large khaki-colored eyes with square black pupils and no visible sclera. One tooth pokes out of its small mouth, and there are three white hairs on top of its head. Scatterbug has a three-segmented abdomen with two small, nubby legs on each segment. A white ruff of fur runs around its neck, and thre is a large beige spot on its rear.


Spewpa’s sprite model

Spewpa are small, insectoid Pokémon. They have a large, round head, which is light gray in the back with a darker gray face. There are two khaki-colored dots on their face, one above each eye. The face is bisected by a thin, black line that ends in a khaki-colored triangle at the top of the head. Spewpa have two, ovular eyes that are the same color as their facial markings, and square black pupils and no visible sclera. Their body is covered with a white furry material, and there are red, black, and cream square chunks of vomit surrounding it.


It uses its wings to scatter its scales or create a strong wind to attack. Vivillon is said to have a secret hidden in the colorful decorative pattern on its wings.

Vivillon Patterns :
• Meadow Pattern
• Polar Pattern
• Garden Pattern
• Savanna Pattern
• Marine Pattern
• Continental Pattern
• Tundra Pattern
• Elegant Pattern
• Modern Pattern
• Sun Pattern
• Icy Snow Pattern
• Sandstorm Pattern
• High Plains Pattern
• Squall Pattern
• River Pattern
• Jungle Pattern

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