Vaniville Town

Vaniville Town is the hometown of the player character, who just moved in. It is also where the player meets several friends, Shauna, Trevor, Tierno, and then either Serena if the player is a boy or Calem if the player is a girl. A hiker lives there too.


There’s a gate that the player must pass through in order to head north towards the Santalune Forest and Santalune City.


Vaniville Town can be found in south-central Kalos. There is a forest separating Vaniville Town from Santalune City, requiring Trainers to pass through the Santalune Forest first.


A Rhyhorn can be seen relaxing in a pool outside your house. This makes little sense as Rhydon is a Ground/Rock type and Water would be 400% more effective than normal. You can later ride it.


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