Welcome to Pokémon X and Y stuff , your #1 source of X and Y information! I am being mental with updating and stuff so just egg me on HELP ME PLZ! Just leave any suggestions or resumés in the comment boxes anywhere around the site!

For further information, check out my YouTube channel at MasterSneasle.


This website has recently hit 65,000 views! YAY!!! Due to the release of X and Y and the fact that the main story is 30 WHOLE HOURS LONG the info on this site may be a little over par. (Or is it under par? Golf is confusing. )


The site mascot is the noble Inkay who has led other Inkay to safety in times of crisis. View Inkay’s page for more info on this wonderful Pokémon and it’s evolution Malamar.

Email me at pokemonxystuff@gmail.com !

Please share along with all your friends! Or become Snorlax chow.


Malamar will become Squid Rings in a couple days. CHOMP CHOMP I ❤ kalamari!

Check out these pages!
New Pokémon

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