Clauncher and Clawitzer


Clauncher are Crustacean Pokémon that are mainly cyan in color. Clauncher have two yellow antennae atop their head. They have two claws. One claw forms a single, sharp point, while the other is significantly larger, with two parts, forming a classic pincer. The lower part of this pincer is smaller and yellow. They have black-grey stripes along the end of each abdominal segment and around their claws. They have four small cyan legs that are curved and come to a point. Clauncher have a light grey underside, three pointed mouthparts, round yellow eyes with a small, black pupil, and two small trapezium-shaped tail-parts protruding from their lower abdomen. They have a horizontal line encompassing the front of its carapace, in line with its eyelids, up until a second vertical line that encompasses its carapace completely. They have light grey segments on the parts of their legs and claws closest to their body.

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