The Fairy Type

Pokémon X and Y introduces the 18th type – the Fairy type. It was introduced as a way to counter Dragon types as , due to the influx of moves and lack of weaknesses (Only Dragon and Ice were SE against Dragon up until Pokémon X and Y) , Dragon – types began to dominate tournaments.

The fan speculation about new types is rife at the beginning of a new generation , but WaterPokemonMaster confirmed with his leak from an employee in the English translation department , that there would be a Fairy type. His information proved to be correct as during the E3 Convention GameFreak announced the Fairy type and that some old Pokémon would be retconned to the Fairy type , similar to how Magnemite and Magneton were given Steel type in addition to Electric when Steel and Dark type were introduced in Generation 2.

This also is the overpage for related Fairy-type topics , including retyped Pokémon and Weaknesses and Resistances.

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