Skiddo and Gogoat





Species Mount Pokémon
Type Grass
Ability Sap Sipper
Height 2′ 11”
Weight 68.3 lbs.

Skiddo is a quadruped, goat-like Pokémon. This Pokémon has a white face with a brown blaze going down its muzzle. The blaze ends at a round, black nose, and it has black, elliptical eyes. The back of its head and its ears are also brown, and it has a short, white beard. Skiddo has two short, black horns on its head. Both of these horns have dark rings around the middle, and they extend in opposite directions out to the sides. There is a leafy green mane around its neck that extends along its back. The mane ends at its tail, which is made up of three short leaves. Its body is primarily brown with white stockings on its legs. Each foot ends in a cloven, brownish-orange hoof.

Skiddo can jump over ledges.


Meanwhile on Bulbapedia…

A goat that goes. Simple.


Species Mount Pokémon
Type Grass
Height 5′ 07”
Weight 200.6 lbs.


15 thoughts on “Skiddo and Gogoat

  1. GreenAngel

    where can you find a skiddo (in the wild to catch)? In the route to get Geosenge Town or the route with the farm?


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