Whipped Dream


Whipped Dream

13 thoughts on “Whipped Dream

  1. Anonymous

    You get it near the Skiddo farm. you ride one over some ledgers next to the entrance and it’s right there!
    – I hope it helps!

      1. jack

        well after the tunnel thing on Caiuraw town (Look at town map, it’s South East) if you go down 5 or so steps. you see a pokeball in your top left corner, go down the steps in to the water, and go down, then west, then north, then you see a boulder ( once you get there ) go up, then figure it out, that’s as far as I’ve gotten, but,( I know, butts are for pooping) I do know it’s a toxic plate, that boost poisen moves hopd diz hlpd

  2. CC

    What pokemon loves the whipped dream? It says it’s loved my a certain pokemon, so that’s the pokemon I want to give it to.

  3. Absol1991

    In a house at Cyllage city in X (dunno about Y) there’s a house to the right, it’s the only one on that level, the man by the stove gives you one for free.


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