The Pokédex is a device used by the player that is used to record and document sightings and capturings of Pokémon.

The Pokédex in X and Y is card-shaped and has a holographic center that is visible when the two ends are separated. It is also separated into at three areas: Coastal Kalos, Central Kalos, and Mountain Kalos , which are the centre , west and east of the region respectively.


The Pokédex also gives information about caught Pokémon. Pokédex entries typically describe a Pokémon in only two or three sentences. They may give background information on the habitat or activities of a Pokémon in the wild or other information on the Pokémon’s history or anatomy. Pokédex entries also include height, weight, cry, footprint, location, other forms, and a picture of the Pokémon. They also may vary between games.

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