Fletchling , Fletchinder and Talonflame

Hello , little birdy.




Species Tiny Robin Pokémon
Type Normal / Flying
Height 1′ 00”
Weight 3.7 lbs.

Hello deadly birdy.


Species Scorching Pokémon
Type Fire / Flying
Height 3′ 11”
Weight 54.0 lbs.

Fletchling is the Kalos regions ‘starting route bird’ similar to Pidgey for Kanto and Pidove for Unova , amongst others.
Fletchling is a Normal / Flying type but when it evolves to Talonflame it becomes a Fire / Flying type , and the first non-legendary Pokémon with that typing.

Fletchling can learn the move Flame Charge , which it can receive Special Type Added Bonus upon evolution.

Fletchling was first revealed in CoroCoro , a Japanese gaming magazine , in April 2013 along with Gogoat , Helioptile and Pancham.

Talonflame was first revealed by WaterPokemonMaster , the webmaster at Pokebeach.com , during the world famous E3 convention , a few hours before its official unveiling by GameFreak during a Pokémon X and Y round table.

Talonflame was also used by GameFreak to show off a new style of battle , Sky Battles.


Fletchling is known as the ‘Japanese Robin Pokémon’

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