Spooky House

The Spooky House is a house on Route 13. A man inside tells a story. He later asks for a tip.

Spooky Story
It was a dark and stormy night many years ago. I arrived at this house and went inside. The lights would not turn on , so I looked fearfully around the house. Eventually I made my way into the kitchen. There was no sign of anyone being there… I opened the fridge and when I opened it , a faint light leaked out. I could finally make out my surroundings. And I saw the faint outline of a man , huddling in the corner if the room. I tried to tell him I was lost and I was hoping he’d let me stay until morning but when I approached him… The man suddenly screamed
“Stay back!”
I apologized and continued to plead my case.
“Please , can’t you help me?”
“I’m not talking to you!” he shouted.
I looked at the man in surprise. When I did this , the man asked me…
“Can’t you see them? Behind you!
Slenderman confirmed.

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