Lumoise City

Lumiose City is a city in the near – exact centre of the Kalos Region. If seen from the Town Map , it is shaped like a Poké Ball.

Lumiose City is easily the largest city in the Kalos region , and indeed every other known region , outstripping Castelia City in the Unova region.

When the player first visits Lumiose City , North Boulevard is block off because of a power cut caused by Team Flare.

Locations in Lumiose City

North Boulevard

• Mamoswine Photo Shoot
• Lumiose Galettes
• Fighting Dojo
• Lumiose Museum
• Hotel Richissime
• Office Café
• Café Trista
• North Pokémon Center
• Café Ultimo
• Café Action!
• Café Bataille

Autumnal Avenue
• Poké Ball Boutique
• Restaurant Le Yeah **
• Juice Shoppe
• Café Pokémon – Amie

Hibernal Avenue
• Restaurant Le Wow ***
• Café Kizuna

Magenta Plaza
• Lysandre Café
• Central Pokémon Center

Rouge Plaza
• Sushi High Roller
• Looker Brigade

Jaune Plaza
• Generic Enterable Building

South Boulevard
• Pokémon Feeling Study
• Pokémon Catching Study
• PR Video Studio
• Sycamore Pokémon Lab
• Lumiose Transportation Office
• Shutterbug Café
• Café Soilel
• Coiffure Clips
• South Pokémon Center
• Café Introversion
• Restaurant Le Nah *

Vert Plaza
• Café Cyclone

Estival Avenue
• Café Gallant
• Café Rouleau
• Lotto ID Center
• Lumiose Press

Vernal Avenue
• Café Woof
• Friseur Furfrou
• Herboriste
• Stone Emporium
• Café Class
• Boutique Couture

Centrico Plaza
• Lumiose City Gym – Prism Tower

Prism Tower is a large tower located in Centrico Plaza in the middle of Lumiose City. It houses the Lumiose City Gym. Prism Tower is based on the real-world Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.


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