Holo Caster

Holo Caster

Lysandre Labs. developed the Holo Caster to make the lives of Pokémon Trainers richer , fuller , and more convenient.

Holo Clip #4 : Lumiose City
Caster : Professor Sycamore
“Hello there! I wanted to talk to you for a little bit. Could you come to Lysandre Café ? Do you know where it is? You can see it right from outside the Pokémon Centre near Prism Tower. It’s the red cafe. Hop in a taxi if you can’t see it. Seeing you soon!”

Holo Clip #5 : Poké Ball Factory
Caster : News Anchor
“We’re bringing you this special bulletin. The Poké Ball Factory around Laverre Town has been attacked. The identities of those involved are unknown. However , this is not expected to have an impact on the sales of Poké Balls.”

The name of the Holo Caster has received much criticism as it has many parallels to Hitler’s reign of terror in WWII , which was called the Holocaust. Lysandre has a plan to commit mass genocide , and uses the Holo Caster to help him obtain information.
Hitler’s Holocaust in WWII , the Nazi soldiers killed hundreds of thousands of people.

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