A Solemn Turnabout – The Departure of XY Stuff

Everyone, I would like to thank you all very much in the run of Pokémon XY Stuff. This site has gone from much more than a site to find quick, easy info, to a community of Pokémon gamers, helping each other out in any way possible.

With solemn regret, I wish to announce my departure from this website, to another. MasterSneasle is where I will now do my internetting , and you all can catch me there! It’s simply a site dedicated to my YouTube channel. So please kindly go there to seek my guidance.

Well, I will never forget the wonderful times I’ve had here at Pokémon XY Stuff. On my other site, I will still focus on Pokémon, but will extend my hand to the Ace Attorney series and even… MINECRAFT! 🙂

Signing out for the last time,

10 Million Pokemon Have Been Traded So Far In Pokemon X And Y


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Pokemon X & Y continues to hit milestones. Junichi Masuda, director at Game Freak, has announced that the latest Pokemon duo of games has reached 10 million Pokemon traded. At the Salon Del Manga De Barcelona, Spain’s largest Manga and Anime convention, Masuda made the claim among a packed house that gave him an enormous ovation in celebration of the feat. Check out what MNN had to say about the latest Pokemon adventure in our Pokemon X & Y review.

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The Pokemon Company Developing New 3DS Detective Game With Pikachu As Partner

This is not going to go down well with fans.

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pokemon_detective_pikachuPokémon mascot Pikachu has certainly been taking the rumour route in recent weeks after the mouse had been spotted in an alleged new 3DS game. Previously, the Pokémon Company had unveiled a short video which took Pikachu’s facial expressions to new levels. Now, a Japanese programme called “The Professionals” on channel NHK, together with the Pokémon Company’s CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara, has revealed that the Pikachu 3DS title will be a detective game, which features the electric mouse as your partner.

Serebii reports that the game will be in development for the next two years, giving it a 2015 release date. A rare Pikachu is reportedly going to appear as the enemy within the game, along with a blue talking Pikachu, alluding to previous reports that changing the mascot’s appearance may affect its popularity among the fans. Details are still filtering in for the game, but are you interested to see how…

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Diance , Hoopa and Volcanion?!?!

As the latest games in the Pokémon franchise have been setting records here , there and everywhere (Not related to the article , just wanted to mention that. )

A mysterious “glitch” has been found in the GTS , as searching for “Diance” , “Hoopa” , and “Volcanion” have always come up positive for search results , as compared to random words , which just get shunted aside.



As seen on Serebii Joe’s site , Diance (Dian-See) is a Fairy / Rock type , Hoopa (Who-pah) is a Psychic / Ghost type , and Volcanion (Vol-cane-ee-on) is Fire / Water.
Maybe they’re DLC content. Maybe they’re future events. Maybe they’re a hidden Legendary Trio. Possibly Diance is related to the Strange Souvenir. It also has a signature move , Ruins of Light , maybe a Light Fairy and Rock type move.

Only time will tell. So drop a comment down below , like , subscribe follow , and I’ll see you guys next time.

HM’s Locations – Gugagix

CUT – Parfrum Palace , Maze to the left of the Reshiram Statue .

FLY – Courmaline , Professor Sycamor gives it to you ( Usable after Plant Badge ) .

SURF – Shalour City , From Calem / Serena , after you beat Korina at the Tower of Mastery ( Usable afer Shalour City Gym ) .

STRENGTH – Cyllage City , From Grant .

WATERFALL – Route 19 , From Shauna .

Extras :

Rock Smash – Ambrette Town , girl outside the Pokemon Center.

Flash – Tierno Gives it to you in the Reflection Cave .

Sea next time , Gugagix

Friend Code : 3153-4597-5506


Pokemon X & Y Save Patch Now Available On The eShop

It stands corrected!

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Nintendo has announced that it has issued a patch correcting the potentially game-breaking bug in Pokemon X & Y. The bug occurred when players try to save the game in certain parts of Lumiose City. The company previously said that they were working hard on delivering a patch. That patch is now available to download on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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We’d Love a bit of feedback off everyone thank you.

Pokemon X & Y Artist Admits Struggling With Xerneas And Yveltal Designs

Seems Kenny’s having a bit of trouble! With so many Pokémon existing , it’s hard to come up with new ideas.

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xerneas_yveltalPokemon X & Y’s legendaries look impressive in both design and power, but Game Freak’s character art director Ken Sugimori ran into a spot of trouble when coming up with the initial drawings. In an interview with Japanese publication Famitsu, Sugimori explains that he had to enlist the help of his colleague and fellow art designer Yasuke Ohmura, in order to break through his “artist’s block” for Xerneas and Yveltal. He admitted the design struggle was one of the most memorable moments of the project, creating a great team effort.

“I was tasked with designing both Xerneas and Yveltal, and I ran into a total wall in the process. So I gave the task over to [fellow art designer Yusuke] Ohmura for a while, and once he made some headway on it, I took it back over to finish it off. So they were a team effort. I’ve designed a…

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New Video Out Of Japan Offers First Look At Pikachu Game For 3DS

This shall be covered! Possibly with a playthrough.

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While rumors had been flying about regarding a new Pikachu game on Nintendo consoles, a new video out of Japan seems to have confirmed the game as an upcoming 3DS title. Reports indicate that this video is a preview of a new television program that will be showing behind-the-scenes video from the making of the game. Supposedly, the new game involves a narrative in which “playfulness” is used as a weapon against the world.

Pokemon characters have been turning up everywhere lately, as another recent unconfirmed bit of news is that Xerneas may wind up in the new Smash Bros game on Wii U and 3DS. CEO of the Pokémon Company Tsunekazu Ishihara, who also happens to be the producer of the new Pikachu game, will be revealing some details on the Pikachu game in the television program that airs next week, on October 28th.

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Pokemon Y



Roller Skate Tricks !!!

Hi guys Gugagix here and I want to tell you guys about a really cool feature in Pokemon X and Y … Roller Skate Tricks !!! In different places in Lumiose City you can find Roller Skater’s here are the locations !!! ( The last trick is only available after you have all other 4 ) .

Trick Location Discription

Backflip Lumiose City – North Boulevard Jump of ledge for backflip!

Running Start Lumiose City – Vert plaza Press A for a dash !

The Parallel Swizzle Lumiose City – South Boulevard Quickly change directions !

360 Lumiose City – Estivel Avenue Rotate the circle pad !

The COSMIC flip ! Lost Hotel Speed Skill = MEGA FLIP !!!

Thank You

Thank you. This site has reached over 100,000 views in total and that means the world to me. So , on behalf of myself , MasterSneasle , Samueladu409 , Thewymule and Gugagix would all like to say THANK YOU!

PS : Updates frantic , insufficient time , ect.

HERE’S TO ANOTHER 100,000 views!

MegHera concurs.

Nintendo Is Working On Pokemon X & Y Fix

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Nintendo of America has confirmed that it’s aware of a certain save issue in the recently released Pokemon X & Y. The potentially game-breaking bug occurs when gamers save the game in the vast Lumiose City. Nintendo says that the current solution is to make sure you don’t save the game while in the areas marked on the map above (blue area). You can still save the game anywhere else in Lumiose City, including inside buildings such as Pokémon Centres. Nintendo says it’s working on an application to recover saved game data for players whom this has happened to. This will be made available to download from Nintendo eShop as soon as possible.

Thanks, Jrg

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Masuda Explains Fairy-Type Introduction And Why Raising Pokemon Is Easier In X & Y

Light , Sound , Magnet , what would you have?

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SylveonWhile Pokémon X & Y may have only been available for a number of days worldwide, Game Freak says there’s a definitive reason why Pokémon are easier to raise this time around. Speaking to Famitsu, director Junichi Masuda said that, as gamers and consumers, our time is much more limited and precious than it used to be. When Game Freak developed X & Y, they adapted Pokémon to gamers’ needs, making the levelling process a little less time-consuming.

“While we did integrate a lot of detailed adjustments into the game balance, another part would be the ease of raising Pokémon. Nowadays, we have the Internet, smartphones, and more, so I think the time spent playing games has decreased.

“For those reasons, we made it much easier to raise your Pokémon that will allow you to play smoother and more comfortably than before. For example, simply catching a Pokémon with a…

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Pokemon X & Y Sell More Than 4 Million Units Worldwide In First Two Days


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On Saturday, Oct. 12, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y for Nintendo 3DS became the first set of games in franchise history to launch simultaneously worldwide. Nintendo reported today that the games combined to sell more than 4 million units across Japan, Europe and The Americas on Saturday, Oct. 12, and Sunday, Oct. 13.

“The early response to Pokémon X and Pokémon Y not only reaffirms the ongoing passion of Pokémon fans, but also indicates that an entirely new generation of gamers is eager to experience the franchise for itself.”

– Nintendo President Satoru Iwata.

Since this was the first global launch in franchise history, there isn’t an exact historical precedent for comparison. However, when combining and comparing regional data for previous launches, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y would be the fastest-selling Nintendo 3DS games of all time and are tracking ahead of the last Pokémon RPG titles, Pokémon Black 2…

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Which pages here are below standard and need work? It may be your favorite Pokémon , something you want to know more about , ect. Just leave a comment and that article will be improved soon ! 🙂

And anyway, here’s a shiny Xerneas. Cuz why not? 🙂20131008-184815.jpg

Pokemon X & Y Introduces Serial Codes To Download Special Pokemon And Items


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Pokemon_X_Pokemon_Y_logoWith the global release of Pokémon X and Y only a few days away, it’s definitely time to start boarding the hype train – that’s if you haven’t done so already. Over the weekend, the official Pokémon site detailed another way of obtaining special items and event distribution Pokémon through serial codes. UK supermarket giant Tesco has confirmed they will be selling both X and Y games with serial codes that will allow players to access 12 Quick Balls from the beginning of their adventure. The serial codes will join local wireless, special in-store events, and InfraRed as an additional way to obtain items and limited-edition Pokémon.

The first Pokémon available through wireless distribution will be Torchic on October 12, remaining until January 15 next year. Arriving in a Cherish Ball, Torchic will be able to evolve into Mega Blaziken by using a Mega Stone. For more information on the…

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Pokemon Bank Arriving In 3DS eShop December 27th For $4.99 Per Year

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Nintendo has announced today that it will make its Pokemon Bank app available on the 3DS handheld console beginning December 27th, at a price of $4.99 per year. The bank allows users to store up to 3000 Pokemon characters from Pokemon X & Y, and comes coupled with Poke Transporter, which is an app that lets players import Pokemon from Pokemon Black/White 1 & 2. Pokemon lovers will be able to try the new Pokemon Bank app free for 30 days if they download it before January 31st, 2014.

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Mega Charizard X Revealed In Pokemon X


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Last month it was revealed that fan favorite, Charizard, can achieve Mega Evolution, an extremely powerful form that only certain Pokémon can access during battles in the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y video games, which launch worldwide October 12 for the Nintendo 3DS. It is now known that Charizard can Mega Evolve into either Mega Charizard X or Mega Charizard Y, depending on which Mega Stone Charizard holds—Charizardite X or Charizardite Y. When Charizard Mega Evolves into Mega Charizard X, its body turns black and its flames burn blue with increased heat. It also changes types when it Mega Evolves, changing from Fire- and Flying-type to Fire- and Dragon-type!

The previously announced Mega Charizard is in fact Mega Charizard Y. Players will need to obtain Charizardite Y in Pokémon Y in order to Mega Evolve Charizard into Mega Charizard Y. Mega Charizard Y’s Sp. Attack increases significantly, and its Ability…

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X and Y (C)launch(er) Party!

If you’re a huge Pokémon fan and happen to be in New York City in early October, you might be interested in attending a special launch party for the upcoming Pokémon X & Y games taking place at the Nintendo World store.

The event will take place from 8 p.m. October 11th to 1 a.m. October 12th , at Nintendo World in New York where a special launch celebration will introduce the new Pokémon game for the 3DS while also including the new Nintendo 2DS system for fans to check out and checkout (buy).
At the event, fans will have the chance to play and buy the games (but only after midnight), participate in various activities and be among the first people in the country to purchase Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Game sales will commence at midnight, and Nintendo World will remain open through the night so that fans can be assured of getting their Pokémon on. Oh, and there’s a “costume showcase” which is descried as follows:

In addition to offering the games for sale, the event will feature a Pokémon costume showcase that will encourage fans dressed as their favorite characters from the Pokémon games to display their clever costumes on stage. For fans who want to participate, this is a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show the world their love of Pokémon.

Other items at the show are a DJ, Pokémon trivia, game-play and game-buy kiosks featuring Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, Pikachu costumed character appearances and more. Attendees will also be able to receive Pokémon giveaways while supplies last.
The Pokémon X and Pokémon Y games launch for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems on Oct. 12. Anyone here plan on heading to the launch event?

Real or Not Real?– Peeta Mellark

Are leaky leaks leaking leakily? Yes.

With 13 days till X and Y , some reviewers have braved legal lawsuits and having their copies revoked to leak pictures of the brand new games.
Greninja , the last of Froakie and Frogadier . That pink thing is his tongue. Not a scarf.

Hawlucha , is a Flying/Fighting type Pokémon based off a luchador. It knows a new Fighting move, Flying Shot.

Binacle , an anemone Pokémon , was also leaked.

And an overworld shot , which is in a field with what seem like icicles of Kyurem.

The only known flaw with the leaks are that the text on the move belonging to Greninja is inconsistent with the previous screenshots.
The leaks were taken by an Italian leaker , who used a webcam.

Pokemon Origins Tells Story of First Pokemon Games, Red And Blue, Begins November 15th


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In celebration of the worldwide October 12 launch of the newest Pokémon video games, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y for the Nintendo 3DS, an animated adventure that takes a look at a classic era of Pokémon—Pokémon Origins—begins November 15 only on Pokémon TV (www.pokemon.com/tv). Pokémon Origins tells the story of the very first Pokémon video games, Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version, including the first steps of our hero Red as he sets off from Professor Oak’s laboratory. As he explores the Kanto region, he’ll encounter Team Rocket, battle his rival, and challenge the Pokémon League. Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue launched in North America in September 1998.

Pokémon Origins is a four-part adventure, taking a new perspective on the Pokémon hero story. The remaining three episodes will be added to Pokémon TV the days following the November 15 premiere. This can’t-miss opportunity for Pokémon fans can also be…

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A rose by any other name…

As Pokémon XY Stuff is nearing it’s third month on the Internet something big has happened to the site. A new poster , the partially Internet famous , Thewymule!

He is a good friend of mine and owns 2% of Sneasle Inc. (the company that runs this site).
Many of his posts will be editorials and countdowns , along with several comics , however , his main job is advertising.
(spice it up) I hope that you all enjoy his posts and presence on this site. Thank you.

Anyone else who would like to help with this site , just comment below.


A rose by any other name is a famous line from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet , and is also used by Jessie of Team Rocket.

Doublade Revealed As Honedge’s Evolution In Pokemon X & Y

Game Freak’s skills are a sharp as a Doublade.

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doublade_pokemon_x_yA new evolution for Pokémon X and Y has been revealed on the Pokémon Company’s Official Facebook fan page as reported yesterday. And although it’s not a mega evolution, it’s just as honed as the rest.  The evolved form of Honedge has surfaced on the social network and it’s named aptly – as they usually are – as Doublade. Honedge swaps its blue scarf for two pink scarves as Doublade and retains the ability No Guard. It’s 2 ft 7 and weighs in at 9.9 lbs. Here’s what the Pokémon Company said for its reveal:

“The evolved form of Honedge has been revealed! Meet Doublade! This Steel- and Ghost-type Pokémon is capable of carrying out intricate attacks by telepathically coordinating its two blades to deliver twice the slice in battle. Who’s planning to catch this sharp-looking Pokémon?”

Thanks to all those who sent this in.

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Hiro is a Hero! : Pokebeach Leaks!

Another source has sent Pokebeach a new set of information! This is 99% confirmed and will be treated as such by this site. There will be pages up within the hour of this new info!

Trusk is a Grass/Rock boar Pokemon with long green tusks coming out of its mouth. He is gruff, has grey skin, and features green leaf-like ears. It has an “adorable” pre-evolution with tiny tusks and a leaf at the end of its tail.
A Normal/Poison porcupine Pokemon named Quillom can be found quite early in the game in the forest. It has white skin with light purple quills. He has a Poison-type quill attack which damages and has a high chance of poison.
A Ghost-type spider Pokemon is found in caves. It is dark gray with blue spots and multiple light grey eyes. It has a feint light blue mist around its abdomen. The source doesn’t remember the spelling of its name, but says it was something like “Apparachnid.” He thinks it may have an evolution.
There is a Ground-type badger Pokemon that is dark brown with black stripes going up its face. It knows Slash and a new biting move.
Reconfirmation that Froakie’s final evolution is Water/Fighting. It looks similar to a poison dart frog. The dark blue now takes over its body almost entirely. There are a few even darker (almost black) spots on his sides and face and it gains more of the bubble foam around its neck and down the back. It’s also a bit bulkier. It uses its hind legs a lot and has kicking attacks.
Bunnelby evolves into a Ground/Dark type rabbit that is larger and much rounder. Its color scheme is reversed, with the dark brown now being the prominent color. It can be found in caves. It is useful because you can get it early in the game and use it to evolve Pancham into Pangoro.
Helioptile has an evolution. It is bipedal with a second yellow triangle on its face. Its ears become more jagged and it looks meaner. On its back are what look like spikes with jagged parts at the very top. It can learn a new attack called Thunder Roll, where it rolls up like a wheel and strikes the opponent.
Reconfirmation that Meowstic has a pre-evolution named Espurr. There is no gender differentiation until it evolves. It is mostly white, similar to the female version, with cuter eyes and a single puffy tail. It has a little patch of fur under its head (similar to its evolutions). The fur is dark blueish with little tufts of white in it.
Other Pokemon that are now Fairy-type: the Chansey evolution line, Dunsparce, the Clefairy line, and Togepi’s line.
Fairy Dust is a new move that will randomly cause either Paralysis, Poison, Sleep, or Burn.
Like Magneton, Wailmer is part of one of the Super Training Facility games.
Team Flare makes an appearance right at the beginning of the game. On the TV in your house, one of its members talks about fashion and how your Pokemon should match your style. Team Flare’s signature music has an eerie accordion sound to it in the opening sequence.
The outfit your character wears at the start is colored to match what you’ve set as your favorite color in your 3DS settings. It can be changed easily though.
The opening cinematic is in 3D. (Have to mention this since most of the game isn’t in stereoscopic 3D. :p) It starts off with Yveltal’s cry, which wakes you up. You sit up in your bed. It then pans and there is a shot of your city. Yveltal’s shadow goes over it. After that there is some other shots of your town. You seem amazed that you saw Yveltal. It then shows generic in-game shots like you entering a forest with your friends, selecting your starter, running through a cave, etc. After that it shows Sycamore welcoming you. You are standing outside of his lab at the time, then he takes you inside. It then shows him showing you three Poke Balls which leads into a transformation video where it shows all three Kanto starters evolving to their final forms, and then the three of them Mega Evolving. It’s a really cool cinematic. The video ends with Yveltal flying with the sun behind him, leading in to the title screen. Team Flare is also shown at some point in the sequence.
On the title screen you can use the analog joystick on your 3DS to change the angle at which you see Xerneas/Yveltal.


In an interview with Junichi Masuda this was said (I suck at starting stories.)

1. Pokémon gain experience even when the opposing wild Pokémon is caught. (This was stated in another interview.)
2. Sky Battles are limited to Flying-type Pokémon and those with the Levitate ability (as previously confirmed). Some moves can’t be used.
3. There is an adjustment to the inheritence system of breeding.
4. Ghost-type Pokemon can freely escape from battle without being influenced by Shadow Tag. (The official website mentioned trapping moves.)
5. The item Exp.Share will revert to Exp.All as in Generation I, where when one Pokémon holding this item participates in battle, all other Pokémon in the team receive experience as well. Unlike in Generation I, the experience is not split but rather received by all Pokémon. This means that the participating Pokemon receive 100% experience, while non-participating Pokémon receive 50% experience.
6. When distributing new moves and abilities, priority was given to new Pokémon.
7. The CGI style is different from that of Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Battle Revolution, because those games were supposed to emulate “realism within fantasy”. Since the handheld Pokémon series is supposed to be accessible to everyone, battles were made “cuter”.
8. The standard selection process for Pokémon to be Mega-Evolvable is based on three points: visual looks, popularity and game balance.
9. The power-up of Mega-Evolved Pokemon is meant to elevate them to the class of legendary Pokémon, hence the restriction of only one Pokémon being allowed to hold a Mega Stone during battles.
10. The timing to Mega-Evolve is selectable.

The World Of Pokemon X & Y Is Coming To Pokemon TCG Fans Around The Globe


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The Pokémon X and Pokémon Y video games launch worldwide October 12, 2013, for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, and soon after, fans of the Pokémon Trading Card Game will experience the excitement of the next generation of Pokémon—Pokémon TCG: XY. Coming to stores on November 8, 2013, Pokémon TCG: XY—Kalos Starter Set gives players and collectors a choice of three 60-card decks, each one featuring a brand-new Pokémon: Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie. Fans will discover other new Pokémon from the Kalos region in the three XY—Kalos Starter Set decks. A deluxe version of the set will also include one Pokémon TCG: Black & White Series booster pack.  

XY—Kalos Starter Set introduces Fairy-type Pokémon and Basic Fairy Energy! Fairy, the eleventh Pokémon type in the Pokémon TCG, is the first new type since the Dragon type was added in 2012. There are still many mysteries about the new Fairy type, such as which Pokémon will be Fairy type and how matchups will be affected by Fairy-type…

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A ‘quick’ new Pokémon update.

A new leak has confirmed several new thingymabobs.

In games…
•Pokémon receive exp when a Pokémon is captured.
•No Kalos Pokémon have Mega Evolutions
•You can change your outfit in Pokémon Centers.
•Two new ‘mons!
The evolution of Amaura… Aurorus
The evolution of Tyrunt… Tyrantrum

•Ash travels with Clemont (the Electric Gym Leader) , Bonnie (his sister) , and Serena (female player character).
•Ash knows Serena from childhood.

Pokemon X & Y Over World Will Not Have 3D Effect

Well , no big loss for a 2ds.

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The latest Pokemon television commercial confirms that the long-awaited Pokemon X & Y will only feature 3D gameplay at certain points in the game, the rest being in 2D. A user from NeoGaf who has played the Pokemon X & Y demo says that the 3D effects are only used in battles, while  the over world is played entirely in 2D. He went on to say that the 3D causes framedrops if you use moves with a lot of effects.

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Comments and Pie Roar.

Hello everyone! This site has been going strong for almost 3 months now and it now has :
•Almost 120 pages
•Almost 11,000 views
•And 0.2% fan interaction.

If you have a complaint , put it in a comment.
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You don’t need a wordpress account but it helps.

1. Type a screen name in the Name box.
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You don’t need to enter in your own email or screen name , but it’s best for contacting.

Also , this site is largely up and running , with all pages functioning. The majority of the time between now and October 12th will be cleanup. Still expect new info at any time.

Bye Bye! 🙂


It’s Pie Roar.

Pokemon Celebrates The Return Of “Gotta Catch ’Em All”


My Nintendo News


“Gotta Catch ’Em All,” the phrase that became a fan favorite when Pokémon landed in the United States in 1998, is back in time to celebrate the October 12 worldwide launch of Pokémon X andPokémon Y for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. As part of the celebration, The Pokémon Company International is debuting a brand-new Pokémon music video, “Catchatronic,” playing now at YouTube.com/Pokemon. Produced by world-renowned electronica artist Pogo, the music video takes the essence of “Gotta Catch ’Em All” and mashes it up with iconic Pokémon animation.

The music video leads fans to GottaCatchEmAll.com, where they can unlock numerous virtual Poké Balls on the website to reveal Pokémon from the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y video games, receive cool Pokémon-themed digital gifts, and get a chance to win weekly prizes like Nintendo 3DS XL systems and downloadable copies of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. To unlock the virtual Poké Balls, fans will need to search for special codes…

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Mystery Announcement!

The Pokémon Company has teased a new announcement , possibly about an early release for X and Y , as some preorderers have reportedly had their orders shipped , to arrive on Monday.

If this is the case , the Nintendo 2ds may be in for an early release as well.