A Solemn Turnabout – The Departure of XY Stuff

Everyone, I would like to thank you all very much in the run of Pokémon XY Stuff. This site has gone from much more than a site to find quick, easy info, to a community of Pokémon gamers, helping each other out in any way possible.

With solemn regret, I wish to announce my departure from this website, to another. MasterSneasle is where I will now do my internetting , and you all can catch me there! It’s simply a site dedicated to my YouTube channel. So please kindly go there to seek my guidance.

Well, I will never forget the wonderful times I’ve had here at Pokémon XY Stuff. On my other site, I will still focus on Pokémon, but will extend my hand to the Ace Attorney series and even… MINECRAFT! 🙂

Signing out for the last time,

10 Million Pokemon Have Been Traded So Far In Pokemon X And Y


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Pokemon X & Y continues to hit milestones. Junichi Masuda, director at Game Freak, has announced that the latest Pokemon duo of games has reached 10 million Pokemon traded. At the Salon Del Manga De Barcelona, Spain’s largest Manga and Anime convention, Masuda made the claim among a packed house that gave him an enormous ovation in celebration of the feat. Check out what MNN had to say about the latest Pokemon adventure in our Pokemon X & Y review.

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The Pokemon Company Developing New 3DS Detective Game With Pikachu As Partner

This is not going to go down well with fans.

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pokemon_detective_pikachuPokémon mascot Pikachu has certainly been taking the rumour route in recent weeks after the mouse had been spotted in an alleged new 3DS game. Previously, the Pokémon Company had unveiled a short video which took Pikachu’s facial expressions to new levels. Now, a Japanese programme called “The Professionals” on channel NHK, together with the Pokémon Company’s CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara, has revealed that the Pikachu 3DS title will be a detective game, which features the electric mouse as your partner.

Serebii reports that the game will be in development for the next two years, giving it a 2015 release date. A rare Pikachu is reportedly going to appear as the enemy within the game, along with a blue talking Pikachu, alluding to previous reports that changing the mascot’s appearance may affect its popularity among the fans. Details are still filtering in for the game, but are you interested to see how…

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Diance , Hoopa and Volcanion?!?!

As the latest games in the Pokémon franchise have been setting records here , there and everywhere (Not related to the article , just wanted to mention that. )

A mysterious “glitch” has been found in the GTS , as searching for “Diance” , “Hoopa” , and “Volcanion” have always come up positive for search results , as compared to random words , which just get shunted aside.



As seen on Serebii Joe’s site , Diance (Dian-See) is a Fairy / Rock type , Hoopa (Who-pah) is a Psychic / Ghost type , and Volcanion (Vol-cane-ee-on) is Fire / Water.
Maybe they’re DLC content. Maybe they’re future events. Maybe they’re a hidden Legendary Trio. Possibly Diance is related to the Strange Souvenir. It also has a signature move , Ruins of Light , maybe a Light Fairy and Rock type move.

Only time will tell. So drop a comment down below , like , subscribe follow , and I’ll see you guys next time.

HM’s Locations – Gugagix

CUT – Parfrum Palace , Maze to the left of the Reshiram Statue .

FLY – Courmaline , Professor Sycamor gives it to you ( Usable after Plant Badge ) .

SURF – Shalour City , From Calem / Serena , after you beat Korina at the Tower of Mastery ( Usable afer Shalour City Gym ) .

STRENGTH – Cyllage City , From Grant .

WATERFALL – Route 19 , From Shauna .

Extras :

Rock Smash – Ambrette Town , girl outside the Pokemon Center.

Flash – Tierno Gives it to you in the Reflection Cave .

Sea next time , Gugagix

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