Inkay and Malamar


Inkay is a pale-ish blue squidlike Pokémon with feelers on its head that it used to communicate with others of its species. It also has yellow spots on its forehead that it uses to drain the will to battle out of its opponents.

Inkay is also this sites mascot.


It can learn a new move, Topsy-Turvy , which reverses stat changes.


Malamar is the evolution of Inkay. Inkay evolves into Malamar if it levels up when the 3DS is upside-down.


As such Malamar is upside when it evolved and shows in the evolved form.

Malamar is a purplish upside-down squid-like Pokémon with it’s tentacles above its head and 6 yellow spots on its stomach.

It is said that there is never a shortage of humans willing to use Malamar for their own nefarious purposes as Malamar can learn Hypnosis and many other Psychic and Dark type moves.


Inkay and Malamar were first revealed in a leak from WaterPokemonMaster from someone who worked with the English translation team, along with 4 other Pokémon.



Screenshots and Other Media

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