Diance , Hoopa and Volcanion?!?!

As the latest games in the Pokémon franchise have been setting records here , there and everywhere (Not related to the article , just wanted to mention that. )

A mysterious “glitch” has been found in the GTS , as searching for “Diance” , “Hoopa” , and “Volcanion” have always come up positive for search results , as compared to random words , which just get shunted aside.



As seen on Serebii Joe’s site , Diance (Dian-See) is a Fairy / Rock type , Hoopa (Who-pah) is a Psychic / Ghost type , and Volcanion (Vol-cane-ee-on) is Fire / Water.
Maybe they’re DLC content. Maybe they’re future events. Maybe they’re a hidden Legendary Trio. Possibly Diance is related to the Strange Souvenir. It also has a signature move , Ruins of Light , maybe a Light Fairy and Rock type move.

Only time will tell. So drop a comment down below , like , subscribe follow , and I’ll see you guys next time.


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