Pokemon X & Y Artist Admits Struggling With Xerneas And Yveltal Designs

Seems Kenny’s having a bit of trouble! With so many Pokémon existing , it’s hard to come up with new ideas.

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xerneas_yveltalPokemon X & Y’s legendaries look impressive in both design and power, but Game Freak’s character art director Ken Sugimori ran into a spot of trouble when coming up with the initial drawings. In an interview with Japanese publication Famitsu, Sugimori explains that he had to enlist the help of his colleague and fellow art designer Yasuke Ohmura, in order to break through his “artist’s block” for Xerneas and Yveltal. He admitted the design struggle was one of the most memorable moments of the project, creating a great team effort.

“I was tasked with designing both Xerneas and Yveltal, and I ran into a total wall in the process. So I gave the task over to [fellow art designer Yusuke] Ohmura for a while, and once he made some headway on it, I took it back over to finish it off. So they were a team effort. I’ve designed a…

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