Roller Skate Tricks !!!

Hi guys Gugagix here and I want to tell you guys about a really cool feature in Pokemon X and Y … Roller Skate Tricks !!! In different places in Lumiose City you can find Roller Skater’s here are the locations !!! ( The last trick is only available after you have all other 4 ) .

Trick Location Discription

Backflip Lumiose City – North Boulevard Jump of ledge for backflip!

Running Start Lumiose City – Vert plaza Press A for a dash !

The Parallel Swizzle Lumiose City – South Boulevard Quickly change directions !

360 Lumiose City – Estivel Avenue Rotate the circle pad !

The COSMIC flip ! Lost Hotel Speed Skill = MEGA FLIP !!!


2 thoughts on “Roller Skate Tricks !!!

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  2. Crim Silverind

    if that info was correct i should have cosmic flip by now which i don’t. So that would mean that info is incorrect since i have all the required tricks to meet the boss but i still can’t be let in, which means its also based on how you look with clothing.


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