Are leaky leaks leaking leakily? Yes.

With 13 days till X and Y , some reviewers have braved legal lawsuits and having their copies revoked to leak pictures of the brand new games.
Greninja , the last of Froakie and Frogadier . That pink thing is his tongue. Not a scarf.

Hawlucha , is a Flying/Fighting type Pokémon based off a luchador. It knows a new Fighting move, Flying Shot.

Binacle , an anemone Pokémon , was also leaked.

And an overworld shot , which is in a field with what seem like icicles of Kyurem.

The only known flaw with the leaks are that the text on the move belonging to Greninja is inconsistent with the previous screenshots.
The leaks were taken by an Italian leaker , who used a webcam.


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