Comments and Pie Roar.

Hello everyone! This site has been going strong for almost 3 months now and it now has :
•Almost 120 pages
•Almost 11,000 views
•And 0.2% fan interaction.

If you have a complaint , put it in a comment.
If you have a compliment , put it in a comment.
Idea , Suggestion ; Comment Comment Comment.

You don’t need a wordpress account but it helps.

1. Type a screen name in the Name box.
2. Type an email in the Email box.
3. Type your comment in the Comment box.
4. Hit Post Comment.
5. Have a cup of tea.

You don’t need to enter in your own email or screen name , but it’s best for contacting.

Also , this site is largely up and running , with all pages functioning. The majority of the time between now and October 12th will be cleanup. Still expect new info at any time.

Bye Bye! 🙂


It’s Pie Roar.


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