A brief history of PGS

Here is a quick summary of new info that we managed to strangle out of GameFreak obtained during the Pokémon Game Show’s X and Y demos. This is a reblogpostthingymajig of a blogpostthingymajig from a different site. Expect info to be updated irregularly , as I have no one to HELP ME HERE. And just drop a comment down below if you’re interested. And does anyone besides DrewDabble like the new theme?

New ‘do.

Chespin’s moves: Vine Whip, Growl, Leech Seed, Rollout. Can also learn Pin Missile.
Fennekin’s moves: Psybeam, Fire Spin, Tail Whip, Flame Charge
Froakie’s moves: Round, Water Pulse, Quick Attack, Lick. Can also learn SmokeScreen.
Sylveon’s moves: Swift, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Fairy Wind. Ability is Cute Charm.
(And now we also know that the Shiny Sylveon is mostly reversed blue instead of pink)
Helioptile’s moves: Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Thunder Shock, Parabola Charge. Ability is Dry Skin.
Litleo has the ability Unnerve and another unknown as well.
Flabebe knows Razor Leaf
Dedenne’s moves: Charm, Charge, Parabola Charge
Changes to moves:
New move Fairy Wind = PP 30
New move Parabola Charge = PP 20
New move Noble Roar lowers enemy’s attack and sp.attack by 1 each.
Swift is still a Normal move.
Charm is now a Fairy type move.
Battle changes:
No more “oh crap I’m low on HP” music (though there’s an alert sound of some kind I guess)
Pokemon can heal Paralysis themselves during battle, apparently related to your bonding with them in PokemonAmie.
Now there are sometimes flowers in the Tall Grass
Music changes when riding Skiddo (and that goes super fast)
Idling animations
Protags actually bend down to approach/talk to Pokemon
Rival BGM confirmed
Fairy Type (going to say file under speculation for some of it but…):
Attack: (normal effectiveness/1x) on Normal, Grass, Water, Fairy, Elec, and Psy
1/2 (resisted by) – Poison, Fire
1x – Normal, Fire, Water, Elec, Grass, Bug, Ground, Rock, Ghost, Fairy
3 status types: Friendship/closeness, Hunger (or fullness I guess), Play/Happiness… You get the idea. No clue what they’ll be officially in English.
Speculation: Your closeness with a pokemon increases Crit ratio. Hunger is supposedly related to Evasion.
The demo involved meeting Pansy who gives you the message that the Prof wants to talk to you, then you go on the Routes and there was a time limited battle with your Rival and friends (Shauna), then you battle the Prof. and got a Mega Mewtwo from him and then it had an animation of riding a Rhyhorn into the sunset.


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